Meet Connie & Larry





Coach Cleavins & Dr. Theotus discuss Connie's problem.




Dr. Theotus meets the new Math Teacher






Mr. Parente at the hospital









Mr. Parente and Connie have a heart to heart.









Eloise tends to a shot Mr. Parente and Bucky!










Cher takes Connie on a ride, on the white horsey.







Eloise apologizes to Larry for breaking his arm.











The season premiere of Season 9, starts without a hitch. The nation is introduced to a new cast of characters including: Connie Wiper, Larry Burke, Eloise, Dr. Theotus, Jo, Guy Parente and more! Bucky Nevilles returns this season to take us on his journey through the awkward phases of high school. Summer is over and his internship with the FBI is done, so now he faces an even bigger challenge...who to take to the Homecoming Dance. Secretlly, his best friend Connie is in love with him and really wants to go with him, when he accidentally asks the new girl, Clara! Terror sets in as Bucky realizes he doesn't want to go with Clara and Connie becomes sad that she doesn't have a date to the dance. Larry, Eloise and Connie all decide to go to the dance together. Clara ends up running off with the school bully and Bucky is free to hang out with his friends at the dance and party the night away. Also appearing: Dr. Theotus.

With Bucky out of town, this week's episode focused on Connie and a certain period in her life. Connie struggles with the fact that she has not officially become a woman. Bucky's imaginary friend, Jo makes herself visible to Connie to help her through this traumatic time in her life. To top it all off, a mean girl at school, Trish (Guest Star: Jenny Ann Frange), stole Connie's bike. Connie turns to Dr. Theotus and Larry for help, but they both prove to not be able to help Connie with her "unique" problem. Coach Cleavins (Also Guest Star Jenny Ann Frange) is brought in to help and only makes things worse. Trish is discovered and ends up apologizing to Connie. Connie becomes a woman. Also making his debut this week: Guidance Counselor Guy Parente. Mr. Parente tries to help Larry get over his fears and somehow ends up switching places with him for the day. Hijinks!

Bucky returns to the show, just in time for the big math exam. Bucky reveals to everyone that he is terrible at math and goes to Dr. Theotus, the English teacher, for help. Dr. Theotus decides to form a study group with Larry, Connie, Bucky and Eloise. Larry realizes he has a massive crush on the school nerd, Constance, and Connie and Bucky try and play matchmaker. The new math teacher has the hots for Dr. Theotus and tries to get him to be her "study buddy".Constance goes out for the cheerleading squad and suddenly becomes pretty and popular and wants to have nothing to do with Larry. As Eloise consoles Larry, he realizes its Eloise he has always had a crush on and the gang decides to help. As the kids learn their math, Larry learns what its like to be aggressive. Eventually Larry is convinced by Bucky to take the "LL Cool J" approach, to which Larry pulls up a pant leg and tells Eloise how he feels...which she probably doesn't understand.

It's that time again, school presidential elections. Bucky realizes he wants to be popular and Dr. Theotus encourages him to run for student body president. Little does Bucky realize that his opponent, Gillian is way more popular and will divide Bucky and Connie. Connie wants to be popular too and becomes Gillian's campaing manager, so that she can get invited to all the cool parties. Bucky is hurt and Larry and Mr. Parente take up helping Bucky, even though Dr. Theotus and Mr. Parente can't choose sides, they are rooting for Bucky. As debate time draws near, Connie realizes that she has betrayed Bucky and decides to quit Gillian's team and run with Bucky as his Vice President. In the meantime Eloise has fallen smitten with the school bully, who agrees to help Eloise and her friends by getting Gillian disqualified from the election. During the debate, the bully reveals that he found a gun in Gillian's locker. Immediately the faculty rush to disarm the bully. Dr. Theotus makes short work of the gun, but in the comotion, he doesn't realize that Larry has picked up the gun. Larry has reached point break and is threatening to shoot Gillian for hurting Bucky and defaming his reputation. Mr. Parente tries to talk Larry down, but Larry accidentally fires just as Mr. Parente stands up to take the gun. Mr. Parente is shot in the chest and is rushed to the hospital. In the meantime Gillian apologizes to Bucky and tells him he deserves to be President more, and Bucky tells Gillian he doesn't want it. So Gillian becomes the new President and both refuse to hear what the actual votes were. Meanwhile, at the hospital Mr. Parente is in very critical condition, leaving us with our first cliffhanger of the season. Will Mr. Parente survive? What's to happen to Larry? ...

The kids at school are excited about the return of Mr. Parente. Mr. Parente is healing nicely after his shooting at the hands of Larry last episode, though he is confined to a wheelchair temporarily. Larry is currently at home serving a suspension. Bucky's math tutor, Jenny, misunderstands Bucky's Sweetest Day gift and falls for Bucky...sending Connie right into the arms of...Mr. Parente?? In light of the recent shooting at school, Principal Thompson and Dr. Theotus decide to do random locker checks. Eloise takes offense to this and thinks she is the victim of racial profiling and begins a complaint campaign. Meanwhile, Jenny is becoming obsessive over Bucky and Connie is realizing that Mr. Parente might be more that she can handle. Bucky feels trapped by Jenny and Connie so he tells them both that he has no feelings for them. A hurt Connie hides her true feelings and tells Bucky she just wants him to be happy. During the random locker search, Dr. Theotus and Principal Thompson find a Giordano's pizza box filled with cocaine in Jenny's locker. Jenny is confronted and...PULLS A GUN. Another gun! The faculty tries to calm her down and Mr. Parente screams with fear...Mr. Parente's scream startles Jenny and she shoots him...AGAIN, and runs off. Mr. Parente is back in the hospital in a coma, the good news is that the new bullet knocked out the other bullet. Will they find Jenny? Is Larry coming back to school? Will Mr. Parente get shot again?

Dr. Percival Theotus finds himself in a horrible situation when he places a bet on a team that suffers a horrible accident and the whole team burns up. He owes a bookie a lot of money because the team never ends up playing. It turns out his bookie is a newly returned, Mr. Parente. Mr. Parente is out of the hospital from his second shooting and feeling just a little different. Principal Thompson announces a Halloween costume contest. Connie wants to pair up with Bucky for a team costume, but Bucky insists on trying to find a costume that can't be paired up. Larry has returned to school and is taking care of Mr. Parente to make it up to him for shooting him. Connie and Larry decide to team up as the Dame Judy Dench and "The Ghost of the Guy Who Shot JFK" for their team costume. Bucky decides to go as a Heffalump. Bucky's imaginary friend Jo, tells him that Connie is madly in love with him and tells him that he has to confront it at some point. When Dr. Theotus can't come up with the money an argument ensues, and Mr. Parente pulls...a GUN on Dr. Theotus. The gun is knocked out of Mr. Parente's hand and accidentally goes off...SHOOTING MR. PARENTE AGAIN!! So for the third time in as many weeks, Mr. Parente is taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound. Larry picks up the gun to return it to an adult and accidentaly discharges the gun and shoots BUCKY! At the end of the episode Mr. Parente and Bucky are shot and lying under the bleachers. Will Bucky be OK? How many more shots can Mr. Parente take?...

EPISODE 7: ALGEBRA & DRUGS VS. THE GIANT ZIT (Sponsored by Kohler Sinks)
Its time again for the pHreedom High Algebra-Off, so now all teachers must teach algebra, forcing Dr. Theotus to learn algebra from Bucky. In the meantime, Connie gets caught up in the wrong crowd and accepts drugs from Cher. She thinks that Bucky likes girls who are "bad" so she goes down the wrong path. Mr. Parente is back at school again after another shooting and is back and helping with the Algebra-Off. Dr. Theotus gets an idea after reading Bucky's Ecology book (the very book that saved Bucky's life last episode by deflecting the bullet) to change the Algebra-Off to an Algae-Bra-Off to confuse the other schools and win. Dr. Theotus is reminded by Bucky that he is a good person and a role model and Dr. Theotus decides to admit he was wrong and restore the Algebra-Off. Mr. Parente also makes a breakthrough with Connie and gets her to realize the harm that drugs cause, and Connie goes clean. Jo also is trying to help Bucky with his self-confidence, when she realizes he has a giant zit. She helps him get rid of it and Bucky is strutting proud again. Everything comes to a head when at the Algebra-Off everyone realizes they should just be who they really are and not try to be anything different. And nobody gets shot.

Bucky experiences what every 15 year old dreams of...getting his learner's permit. Bucky is concerned so he seeks the help of...of course...Dr. Theotus, who has not driven since his days in California. The school has also borrowed a driver's ed teacher from the local Catholic school...who happens to be blind and carry around a stuffed cat. In the meantime, Connie reminds Larry that his French project is due, and that if he doesn't do it he will fail 10th grade. Larry thinks this will set his whole life behind so he begins to freak out, but Connie decides that if she can teach him how to French Interpretive Dance, he might have a shot of passing. Larry also enlists the help of Eloise, because she's from Europe. Though she misunderstands and thinks that Larry is coming out for Powder Puff Football....and accidentally breaks his arm. Nonetheless Eloise and Connie are successful in teaching Larry the dance and he passes his project. Bucky is not so lucky...on his first trip out he and Dr. Theotus accidentally run someone down by driving over the bike path. It turns out that that person is none other than the perenially unlucky, Guy Parente! The accident however realigns his spine and knocks the bullets out so that he is able to walk again. So suddenly he is much more chipper and his old self. Bucky and Dr. Theotus decide to keep it hidden that they are the ones that accidentally hit Mr. Parente. Just as things are looking up, Principal Thompson loses control of his jalopy and mows down Mr. Parente, sending him back to the hospital, yet again. What will become of poor Mr. Parente? Did Bucky get his license...will Connie ever tell Bucky she loves him? Only two episodes left.


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