Season premiere! Our host Kelly Weefest introduced us to the world of pHreedom Idol and our new judges...Atari Genesis, J-Roam Dache and guest judge Ivanka (Tiffany was finishing up a tour). The evening kicked off with Chic Glyde singing Aerosmith's Walk This Way. The judges were mixed on the performance. Johnny Ninetynine was up next with It's My Life by Bon Jovi to not so good critique from the judges. Cori Oakridge was next with Salt N' Peppa's None of Your Business. The judges seemed pretty pleased with Cori's performance. Next came Father Larkin's ode to sex, with Lets Talk About Sex also by Salt N' Peppa. Carrie Oakridge came up and brought the house down with Hit Me With Your Best Shot and the judges agreed, except for Ivanka, but then who is Ivanka. CarrieAnn Carrieannann was next and also brought the house down with her rendition of Part Of Your World. The judges were full of praise, but warned CarrieAnn to not sing Disney every week. Closing out the show was fan favorfite, Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy with his unique rendition of Sweet Caroline. It was a very interesting rendiiton and the judges warned Shakes that he had to stop singing different versions of Sweet Caroline and pick a new song. It was pretty clear that Shakes would be safe though. Tyler revealed that the bottom two were Johnny Ninetynine and Father Larkin (Cori Oakridge didn't show for the final ceremony). After playing with the audience for a bit, Weefest announced that Father Larkin was the lowest vote-getter and would be leaving the show. He wowed us with his rendition of Lets Talk About Sex as Weefest said goodnight. How far will Shakes make it? Join us next week for Standards Week!

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Episode 2 kicked off with Kelly Weefest explaining to the audience how he and J-Roam are best friends, and J-Roam threatening to kill him. Cori Oakridge kicked off the evening with Midnight Swinger by Mel Torme. After a shaky performance last week, it didn't look like the judges were much more impressed this time. Johnny Ninetynine was up next, after the controversy of mistakenly being put in the Bottom Two last week, Johnny bounced back with a rock-a-billy version of Luck Be A Lady, and it brought the house down. J-Roam and Tiffany loved it, Atari was iffy. The performance of the night belonged to Glenn Oogles though. Steve was brought back to the show on a technicality and made the most of it with a heartfelt performance of Moon River. Next up was young Jenny, a Make-A-Wish patient that was fulfilling her dream of being on pHreedom Idol. Her rendition of The Lady is a Tramp made the judges want to die. Crowd favorite, Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy was up next with a high energy comedic performance of Louis Prima's Closer to the Bone. J-Roam loved it, Tiffany hated it, and Atari reminded him that it wasn't a dance competition because he would lose that too. Closing the night was the ever-perky, Carrie Oakridge and her version of Get Happy. Carrie turned in a stellar performance, tap-dancing her way into the judges hearts. J-Roam loved it, Tiffany called it inspired, and Atari deemed it the "best of the night". Time for the vote. Kelly Weefest assembled the singers on the stage, and one by one he broke them into two groups. One group contained, Cori, Carrie, Glenn, Johnny, and Tyler. The other group contained Jenny. Sadly Make-A-Wish Jenny was going home. She was not able to make it through her final song, because she was crying too hard. Carrie Oakridge seems to be the new favorite, will Shakes fall? Join us next week for Country Week!

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Episode 3 was a rootin' tootin' boot scootin' good time, as our contestants took on the best of country music. Country music proved to be the toughest week thus far, and really pushed some of our contestants. Several rose to the occasion while one, went home. Cori Oakridge kicked off the night with her drunken rendition of "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" by Crystal Gayle. Cori would pause throughout the song to take swigs from her liquor. Despite this, J-Roam loved the performance, Tiffany liked the chance she took, and Atari wanted her drink. Steve Stevenson was up next...he would be singing "I Will Always Love You"...the Dolly version. He also dedicated it to his deaf girlfriend and sign languaged the song as well. Touching. All 3 judges agreed, they wished they were his girlfriend...deaf. Fan favorite Jason Krinkle was up next. Jason was the People's Choice vote-in candidate and somehow keeps staying. This week Jason sang "Forever and Ever Amen" by Randy Travis. It was an inspired performance, and the judges had to agree, this was Jason's best yet, but Atari still wanted him to quit. Rounding out the first half was Candy, a former alcoholic and stripper who now held down a steady 9 to 5 job, which is why she sang 9 to 5. The audience cringed during the performance but the judges liked her style and tenacity, and Atari told her there was no way she was going home. Candy kept disappearing throughout the show, and it became fairly obvious that the show had sent her over the edge and back on to the wagon. The second half kicked off with Carrie Oakridge singing a little "Fancy" by Reba McEntire. Carrie nailed it, and the judges loved her, even Atari, who proclaimed "this was, will be and is the best performnce of the night". Carrie was ecstatic. Then came Johnny. Johnny's rendition of "Our Country" by Jon Mellencamp. Johnny's song was so good that at the end he was swaddled by an American flag and the crowd went nuts. The judges changed their minds and awarded Johnny "best song of the night". That left Shakes, who was ready to bring the house down. Shakes sang "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. He almost didn't make it to the end but he did. The crowd joined in, and sang the entire last half of the song with him, to help him out. The judges were mixed on Shakes, with Atari claiming that all the work was done for him by the audience. Is Shakes falling out of grace with America? Who will go next week? Tune in.


Episode 4 took us to the glitz and glammer of Broadway...sort of. Last week's country performances left a bad taste in the judges mouth, so they were excited to get to something a little more fun. First up was Stephan Stevenson and his rendition of Don't Rain on My Parade from Funny Girl...complete with visuals. J-Roam liked it, Tiffany liked the idea of it and Atari hated it. Next up was crowd favorite Carrie Oakridge and her version of You Can Always Count on Me. A really sub-par performance from Carrie, and all the judges were surprised. Next up was Johnny Ninetynine with Maria from West Side Story. Johnny has been putting his original take on songs from the beginning and this song was no exception. Reinterpreted as a rock ballad, Johnny received praise from J-Roam and Tiffany and a diagnosis of mental illness from Atari. After the break we returned with resident bad girl and constant basement dweller, Cori Oakridge. Cori had made some "changes" since last week and decided to sing Special from Avenue Q. Decent performance but the judges, contestants and audience members couldn't get over her new assets. Next up was Hayden Willoughby who has had some ups and downs in the competition. She chose to sing Tomorrow from Annie, and brought the house down. All 3 judges agreed it was the best performance of the night and that Hayden would stay. Last up was current leader, Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy with Seasons of Love from RENT. Tyler's performance was moving complete with candles and glitter and the crowd was very into it. Both Tiffany and Atari commented on how Tyler is just using tricks to win the audience over and that he can't really sing. Fortunately its not up to the judges, its up to America, and this week they finally sent one of the twins home and gave Cori the boot. Cori gave a memorable last performance and left admirably. Next week is ROCK, will the contestants bring it, or will they fall short again? Tune in.


Episode 5 got to the performers inner rocker, and let them show us that they could command the stage. The performances were deemed "the best so far, but still not good" and the competition only got tighter. The night started out with crowd favorite Glenn Oogle's rendition of Son of a Preacher Man, while the judges thought it lacked oomph, the crowd was chanting "OOOOOOgle" the whole time. Next up was Chic Glyde with his rather disturbed version of Megadeth's Sweating Bullets. It was almost impossible to judge this performance, but the crowd appeared to like him (for fear of their lives). Votes leader, Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy was up next with Pour Some Sugar On Me, and he did. Tiffany told Tyler that what he lacks in vocal training he makes up for in spectacle. Carrie Oakridge was up next and her rendition of Bad Reputation, left the judges less than blown away. Carrie has been closing the gap each week but this performance spelled DISASTER. It was up to Hayden Willoughby to save the night...last week the judges told her she was most improved, her version of Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson received "song of the night" from harsh judge Atari. But the real cherry on top came when dark horse Johnny Ninetynine put on a show with Born To Run. One standing ovation later, and it was clear that Johnny was not going anywhere. When the votes were announced it seemed that Hayden and JOHNNY were in the bottom two! The two best performances of the evening. Hayden was voted out and the judges, contestants and crowd were shocked. Voter fraud is being investigated. Next week: The Season Finale...who will take it home, its a tight race between Tyler, Carrie and Johnny. You Decide! Tune in.


After a controversial vote last week saw Hayden Willoughby exit and Johnny Ninetynine in the bottom two it was very clear that anything could happen on pHreedom Idol. Tonight the contestants had to sing something from the last two decades, a modern hit. To prove that they were ready to entertain the masses. The top two would get to redo a song of their choosing and then a live vote would decide who was this year's pHreedom Idol! Sadly Glenn Oogle had to pull out with a strained vocal chord, which made it that much scarier. Atari Genesis had to go back to Germany to tape German Idol, and guest judge Paul Winchell Jr. sat in to help close the night! Judge-hated Jason Krinkle started the evening with Flock of Seagulls I Ran, which violated the rules of the evening and he was immediately dismissed, but the crowd did love his performance. Cynthia was up next with Amy Winehouse's Rehab, while she nailed the song the judges felt the performance was a bit flat. It was down to our Top Three to perform. Tyler went first with the Goo Goo Dolls Stay With You. Crowd loved it, and judges were impressed that Tyler actually sang. Johnny went next with Christina Aguilerra's Beautiful, a weird choice for Johnny but one that brought the house down, another standing ovation for Johnny meant that Carrie had to step her game up. Carrie closed the performances with Lily Allen's Smile and she knocked it out of the park. The audience was instructed to vote for their favorite two and immediately the votes were counted.The first person in the Final Two...CARRIE OAKRIDGE! The final contestant in the Final Two and the person to compete against Carrie in the finals...JOHNNY NINETYNINE! The road ended here for favorite Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy but he stayed to cheer on the finalists. Johnny went first recapping his crowd hit Born To Run, a great response...it would be hard to beat. Carrie came up with Joan Jett's Hit Me With Your Best Shot and knocked the crowd out. In a live vote held by Kelly Weefest...the crowd overwhelmingly chose CARRIE OAKRIDGE as the first ever pHreedom Idol!! Carrie would win a recording contract, and a guest slot on the upcoming season of pHreedom pHalls Season 12. Congrats to all our singers for making this the most memorable season in pHreedom pHalls history! Weefest Out!


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