Season premiere! Guy Parente wakes up to find himself staring at what appears to be an elderly woman and a milkman and thinks he is still in the hospital. Guy learns that he has died and that he is to become a guardian angel, the elderly woman and the milkman are his new trainers, Myrna Simonelli and Odell Samson, respectively. Myrna and Odell have to teach Guy to be a good angel and help put his life to rest. There are 3 lost soles in particular that the trio will be helping...Dusty Rex, a shiftless layabout with no direction in his life...for over 25 years, Mary Hatch, a lonely librarian who fears she has missed her chance at a family and happiness, and Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy, a rebellious yet talented homeless musician trying to act much older than he is. In our first episode the seeds of help are spread as Myrna attempts to get Mary to take Dusty to Hawaii with her, when that attempt obviously fails, Guy steps in to tell Mary that she's a great person, and starts to fall for Mary. Odell and Myrna quickly pull Guy out and get Dusty in to finally meet Mary. Meanwhile Odell is trying to get Shakes to accept Guy and give up his drug habit so that he can write songs of more than one line. The episode ends with Shakes finally feeling the love from Odell, and Mary and Dusty have started their blossoming friendship.



With Dusty missing in action this week, the angels had their hands full keeping new angel, Guy Parente, out of trouble and keeping him on track to earn his wings. Guy realizes very quickly that he was alone on Earth and starts having feelings for Mary Hatch, who is quite fond of all the attention she is getting from Guy and is starting to have feelings for him as well. God intervenes and tells the angels that if Guy is going to earn his wings they have to fix this and help Mary, Dusty and Tyler all get together. Odell and Myrna walk in on Guy telling Mary he loves her and have to immediately freeze them and wipe Mary's mind. Meanwhile, Odell and Guy are having an equally difficult time with Tyler. He has sold his harmonica to make ends meet and is going through withdrawal. Guy makes another stupid move and talks Tyler into selling drugs to get his harmonica back and to give him financial freedom. Now the angels must get Tyler clean again and introduce him to Mary and Dusty...and help Mary get Guy out of her head. Will they be able to save these 3 in time?


Odell was away on another mission, so this week Myrna had the added task of keeping tabs on Tyler and Mary as well as training Guy to try and get his wings. Myrna gets close when she introduces Tyler to Mary and has Mary help Tyler get a concert venue set up at a coffee shop. Then a mysterious stranger named Mars "Pot Licker" Adams shows up in town and takes a keen interest in Tyler. He convinces Tyler that drugs and music are where its at and joins him at his concert. Meanwhile, Guy is not doing well with learning to become an angel, and he is falling more and more in love with Mary...and what's worse Mary is falling in love with Guy. Myrna and Odell have their work cut out for them. They must find Dusty and set things right...or else there will be a major catastrophe. The angels will have to figure out who Mars Adams really is as well...Myrna suspects he is a NARC, but something about him seems a bit more "devlish".


Odell came back with news that Guy had to straighten up or he would never get his wings. Guy pledged to end his infatuation with Mary and get back to the task at hand...uniting Tyler, D-Rex and Mary. All seemed to be going well, until both Tyler and D-Rex were drafted for the war in Iraq. The angels were suddenly faced with the idea that their mission could be ruined, if the 3 mortals were seperated. Guy and Mary looked through countless periodicals in the library, for loopholes to get the boys out of service...and then Guy had an idea. He concocted a plan to tape Tyler and D-Rex wrestling erotically in jello and broadcast it on YouTube for everyone to see. The army would think they were both gay and not draft them. After some reluctance, Myrna and Odell agreed and the boys made their video. Fortunately it worked! Unfortunately God was fairly upset with the angels, but let them off with a warning. In the end, Tyler, D-Rex and Mary all enjoyed a BBQ to celebrate. It looks like things might turn out after all.


With Tyler off auditioning for pHreedom Idol, the angels had time to focus all their energy on helping Dusty and Mary find love...with each other. Myrna helped Mary throw a tupperware party, while Odell helped Dusty wake up and clean up for the party. Guy orchestrated their meeting at the library and sparks went from there. Dusty realizes that he is actually a millionaire and that he has never met anyone like Mary, someone who inspires him and makes him want to come out of his haze. The angels think their job is done, but the man upstairs reminds the angels that they need to help create a holy union with the two, and they still have to help Tyler as well. Odell asks the big man to help Tyler get on to pHreedom Idol and the big man virtually guaranteed it. Join us next week for the thrilling season finale. Will Tyler make it to pHreedom Idol? Will Mary and Dusty stay in love? Will finally get his wings? Tune in to see!


The season finale was upon us and Guy had one last chance to get Mary, Dusty and Shakes together. Following last week's episode, Dusty wasn't sure about how he felt about Mary. We find out that Shakes made pHreedom Idol and he returns clean and confused as to where he is going to live. Odell and Myrna step it up and help Guy push everyone in the right direction. Odell helps Mary and Dustin by taking them to a romantic coy pond...well it worked and Mary kisses Dustin. Once Dustin realizes how he feels about Mary he tells her that he loves her too and wants her to move in with him in his mansion. Shakes also shows up and Dustin and Mary bring him to live with them also. One big dysfunctional happy family. Guy has done it, he brought the 3 people together. God interjects and tells us that Guy has earned his wings, and that the 3 angels will be reassigned. Myrna and Odell are being kept together, but Guy is being sent on a new assignment..solo. Odell and Myrna promise to watch in on Shakes as he takes on a new adventure by competing on pHreedom Idol next season!


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