Season 9 follows the loveable high school "intern" Bucky Nevilles, from the FBI Season. Bucky returns to school for his sophomore year and all the problems that go with that. A whole new host of memorable characters joined us this season. From Bucky's best friend, Larry, to the girl that has a secret crush on Bucky...Connie. And who could forget the foreign exchange student that we could never figure out...Eloise. The wacky staff included Dr. Percival Theotus, Principal Thompson, Coach Cleavins and of course Guidance Counselor, Guy Parente. This season saw previous Stage Manager break into acting as Bucky's imaginary friend, Jo. We also had former child star, Dana Cameron, from the hit 80s sitcom, Head of the House. playing all our extra high school characters. Our stage manager for this season was the versatile Dean Pheisenheizer.

FINALE: After a year of oddness and multiple shootings, Season 9 ended in a bit of tragedy. Eloise went home to whatever country she was from. Connie never got to tell Bucky how she really felt about him. And saddest of all, Guidance Counselor Guy Parente suffered from his sixthgunshot wound of the season, and passed away. But fear not Guy Parente season will follow Guy's new "life" as a helpful angel and all his adventures in Season 10: Touched by Heaven.


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