Season 8 follows Agent Starling back to the FBI field office in pHreedom pHalls, where she has been partnered with a grizzled old agent, Agent Jake Hannibal. Starling and Hannibal are in charge of the unexplained case division. Their supervisor, Captain Dean Caruso is a brash idiot that is only trying to get in good with the upper management of the bureau and pays no attention to the fact that there are so many strange ocassions going on in pHreedom pHalls. This season marks a first for pHreedom pHalls. Each episode features a mostly all new cast of featured extras. There are only 3 main characters and Jen Caper, Patti Foults and Orange were invited back to play all of the bad guys, supernaturals, etc. Joined by high school intern, Bucky Nevilles (guest star Mitch Green) and the ocassional appearance of Agent Hotbod (later President Hotbod) this was the craziest season of pHreedom pHalls yet.

FINALE: Agents Hannibal and Starling continue to solve pHreedom pHalls mysterious problems. Agent Starling's baby comes to full term. Agent Hotbod becomes governor and then President and appoints Capt. Caruso to his Cabinet. Bucky Nevilles goes back to high school to Season 9: School Days.


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