Season 7 followed Dr. Floggerstein home and he brought a couple friends with him. For the first time in pHreedom pHalls history, TWO CHARACTERS spun off into this season. Ekaterina Wasazspy married Dr. Floggerstein to stay in the country and has moved into his mother's house with him. This season also featured Allen the loveable alien...the other thing Dr. Floggerstein brought home. Floggerstein's nosy Republican neighbors, The Smiths (Butch and his son RL) have noticed something different and are trying to get to the bottom of it. Add to the mix feisty guest star Cathy Brighton as Agent Starling, an FBI agent who is dead set on finding something suspicious in pHreedom pHalls. pHreedom was honored to have Christopher Walken guest starring as the extras characters and his illegitimate son Simon Brundidge managed the show.

FINALE: Allen helps save the world from a possible catastrophe. Dr. Floggerstein and Ekaterina Wasazspy finally realize they actually have feelings for each other. Butch gets over his crush on Agent Starling and finds an old flame in Mama Floggerstein. RL continues to fight the system, and Allen realizes that his love for Agent Starling can never be. Agent Starling leaves the Floggersteins and Allen alone and heads back to the office for Season 8: Unexplained.


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