Season 6 followed The General to pHort pHreedom and his wacky adventures of accidentally running an army base. This season's budget went up significantly and was able to afford realistic military costumes and guns, as well as puppets. Unfortunately, two episodes in, Mary Parker quit the show and we were forced to write out Dr. Raquel Wilkins as Dr. Tiberius' love interest. Dr. Tiberius Floggerstein's role was stepped up quite a bit and he went from guest player to featured player for the season. Joining The General this season is his right hand man Colonel Bloodnok and a Colonel from the French Legion Army, Colonel LaRoche...his niece Becca who has an affinity for puppets, the mysterious Ekaterina Notazspy and base scientist Dr. Floggerstein. This season features the first foreign actor to grace our soundstage, Slobodon Hashek is ably playing extra characters and Ekaterina's main spy contact. The stage is managed by Julie Armitary a student of Marge Stern.

FINALE: The General manages to protect the atomic fireballs from falling into the wrong hands. Colonel Bloodnok and Colonel LaRoche put aside their differences when they figure out that Ekaterina Notazspy totally is a SPY. Becca burns down most of The General's office though destroying all the paperwork. Dr. Floggerstein decides to help Ekaterina and marries her to keep her from being deported. Charges are dropped since she didn't really find anything and The General doesn't want people to know he's not really a general. Dr. Floggerstein takes Ekaterina and one other secret from the army base home with him for Season 7: Alien Encounter. Does the name give it away?


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