Season 5 proved to be one of our most unique seasons in the history of pHreedom pHalls. For the first time ever we had a male character playing a female character, and an actual homeless person that wandered on to the set that we wrote into the show...CRAZY. Season 5 takes place at Poor Richard's Pub, or Dicks for short. Owner Virgil McPherson has been bought out by a corporation but is left as the general manager. The corporation has placed Monty as his head waiter and generally to make sure Virgil is running the place correctly. The bar is full of colorful regulars including: Ricky Simnick the top salesman at the used car lot, Simone D'Julianna a lovely woman that works at the bank, Geraldine an eccentric woman that lives upstairs, Dottie a homeless woman that wanders in from time to time, and of course ocassional guest star The General. Larry Jenkins added some colorful characters this season, and the whole production was watched over by veteran stage manager "Stretch".

FINALE: Monty and Virgil finally have a breakthrough and become friends, and Monty helps Virgil win his bar back. Ricky tells Simone that he loves her, but has to deal with the fact that he may have accidentally gotten Dottie (the homeless woman) pregnant. Simone moves out of Geraldine's apartment and apparently leaves town. A mysterious stranger enters the bar and mistakes The General as an actual General and immediately puts him in charge of pHort pHreedom Army Base. The General now must deal with the trials and tribulations and hilarity of running an army base in Season 6: Back to Basics.


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