Season 4 takes place directly after CEO Charles Winters, destroys his mental hospital to build a new casino. While he is waiting for his new venture to be built he decides to spend time with his filthy rich family: Tilda, his Nobel Prize winning wife (for the novel Palobsessed Penumbra). CJ his 24 year old slacker son that runs the "Cell Block" cell phone kiosk at pHreedom pHalls Mall. Alex his alternative goth, rebel teen daughter that is striving for attention by doing all the wrong things, including dating Ratchet (Steve LaPorte). In addition, Tilda's mother, Cleo "Gram" Sullivan lives with them and is constantly critiquing Charles and getting drunk. The family is kept together by their lovably home-spun butler Leon. Guest star Brendan Slowinski runs the local watering hole that Cleo and Tilda often frequent. This season is ably managed by ex-Today show Stage Manager Donald "House" Howser.

FINALE: Through a season of trials and tribulations the Winters clan overcomes a lot of personal strife to become a closer family. After Leon and Alex accidentally burn down the guest house/garden area they bond and realize that they are great friends. Tilda and Charles finally get to know CJ and Alex better and begin to understand them. Cleo continues to sleep with Virgil, who will apparently sleep with anyone in an effort to keep customers at his nearly empty bar. Virgil's bar is bought by a corporation and they threaten to change the bar that pHreedom pHalls has come to love in Season 5: Pub Crawl.


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