Season 3 follows Dr. Oliver Blake as he takes up the chief residency at the pHreedom Heights Mental Health Hospital. Joining Dr. Blake is his right hand...woman, Doina Razvana, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who helps him with his patients. Dr. Blake's 3 neediest patients are Max, a young man who at whim will become Dr. Max and try to assimilate into the staff, Maggie, a very emotionally disturbed young lady who's father tried to kill her (Max's best friend) and Bo, a patient that has been at the hospital so long that he is now a steward of the facility. Helping Dr. Blake with therapy is hospital entertainer, Tushie the Clown, who is often mistaken for a patient herself, and has very little luck making anyone feel better, including herself. The entire hospital is run by an amiable CEO, Charles Winters (guest star Vance Derringer). Additionally, multiple doctors and patients are played this season by Jenny Ann Frangie, the winner of the pHreedom pHalls Cosmo Girl contest. Season 3 is run by Marge Stern.

FINALE: Max has almost completely recovered, and Doina has decided to take Emily and Giraffe-ula and Maggie to live with her and complete her life. Dr. Blake decides to retire and helps CEO Winters blow up the hospital. Bo and Tushie are presumed missing or dead. CEO Winters takes his insurance money and adds to his fabulous wealth and decides to retire early. We follow him to Season 4: The Good Life and meet the entire Winters clan!


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