Season 2 takes us to pHreedom pHalls University, Home of the pHeasants. We join Albert Johansen at his dorm on ppU's campus (Albert insisted on living on campus, even though his house is 6 minutes away). Immediately we meet Albert's roommate Bass, an 8th year senior who knows the ins and outs of campus life. When we last left Albert, Kate was trying to decide if she loved Albert or Charlie. Well move over Kate, because this season has Toni Calderone, Albert's new love interest. Toni's pregnant roommate Morgan rounds out the cast of misfit college students. What's a crazy university, without crazy staff. Dr. Raoul Fitzgerald, head of the English department and Professor Emily Wilson of the drama department are the students favorite teacher. Also guest star, Stark White brings the loveably awkward Dr. Oliver Blake to campus. Dr. Blake teaches psychology and acts as the campus counselor. With hilarious extra characters from veteran voice over actor, Carl Jung and a stage managed by Frank Jeffers, this is the most exciting pHreedom pHalls yet (out of two seasons).

FINALE: Toni and Albert finally hook up and Albert says goodbye to Kate Kelley for good. Bass decides to stay behind for his 9th year of college and help lead some other students through life. Morgan finally has her baby and doesn't know what to do with it. Dr. Fitzgerald and Professor Wilson finally fall for one another and Dr. Blake is offered a permanent position running pHreedom Heights Mental Health Hospital. Dr. Blake decides to take the job and we are off to Season 3: Under Examination. All new characters, familiar faces, and more crazy then you can shake a stick at.


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