Season 11 was the most ambitious season of pHreedom pHalls yet. This season took on America's favorite obsession, American Idol. Contestants prepared live songs each week to please our expert panel of judges...Atari (Jeff Ford), Tiffany (Alaina Hoffman) and J-Roam (Chris Edwards). People piled in each week to see how the actors would interpret their songs, and what they got was pure magic. In a new approach to pHreedom, only 3 characters were main parts of the show...Tyler Kennedy (Spike McGuire), Johnny Ninetynine (Marty Gangler) and the Oakridge Twins (Melissa Cathcart). Each week new special guests would get their turn to impress our judges and promptly be eliminated from the show. This season also marked the first time one actor played multiple characters, twins! Carrie and Cori Oakridge were two twins that couldn't be more different, it required excellent timing and great costume changes. This season also departed from the stage manager role, and was instead replaced by a host/master of ceremonies character a la Ryan Seacrest, called Kelly Weefest (Aaron Ellsworth). It was a risky venture, but the most successful spoof pHreedom pHalls has pulled off to date.

FINALE:: pHreedom pHalls cast their votes and they decided their Final Two would be Johnny Ninetynine...who brought the house down with his rendition of Christina Aguilera's Beautfiul and Carrie Oakridge who sailed into the finals with her version of Smile by Lily Allen. In the finals the contestants could sing anything from their past, both went to their crowd-pleasing roots and sang favorites...Johnny reprised his version of The Boss' Born To Run, while Carrie brought back her Joan Jett classic Hit Me With Your Best Shot. The judges and audience were unanimous, Carrie Oakridge was the winner of pHreedom Idol, and as part of her prize she will be the new star of Season 12: StapH Infection; check out her starring role...after all you voted her there.


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