Season 10 followed the newly deceased Guy Parente in his journey to become a guardian angel. Guy suffered from multiple shootings in season 9, and in the season finale, the last one was fatal. In Season 10, Guy wakes up to meet his two new teachers, Odell and Myrna. They are both wizened old angels that are there to help train Guy to become an expert and earn his wings. Guy's assignment is to help bring three very lonely people in pHreedom pHalls together and to help fill the voids in their lives. Mary Hatch, is the extremely sweet, extremely nice librarian who is lonely and just wants to meet someone and fall in love. Dustin Rex is a wandering sage that shows up and spouts wisdom and then there more to Dustin? Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy is a homeless street performer who came to pHreedom pHalls, because he heard they had a vibrant street scene. With the help of Odell and Myrna, Guy learns how to stop caring about himself and start caring about each other, and helps to make the most bizarre nuclear family in pHreedom pHalls.

FINALE:: Guy, Odell and Myrna help Dusty remember that he is a millionaire and he snaps out of his funk. Tyler "Shakes" Kennedy auditions for pHreedom Idol and makes it and finally Mary and Dustin find love. Shakes arrives home having kicked his drug habit and decides to live with Dustin and Mary. Odell and Myrna are reassigned, but kept together, and Guy earns his wings and is sent off on his next case. They promise to look over Shakes as he enters Season 11: pHreedom Idol.


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