The premiere season of pHreedom pHalls introduced us to a town not too much like your own. In a mysterious location, with even more mysterious inhabitants, pHreedom pHalls would mark the beginning of an unprecedented sitcom that surprises us at every turn.

Season 1: Back to the Grind focused on The Johansens, Dave & Joyce. Dave & Joyce owned and ran the local water bottling factory on the southside of town. Staying true to their original roots, the Johansens took pride in staying in their modest home and putting in the work at the factory. Their loyal employees: Charlie the dockworker, and Kate, the young secretary kept the factory in top shape. We also met Pilaf, the ex-janitor of the factory who now lives with Kate and causes mischief wherever he goes. He still thinks he works at the factory, and has a crush on Joyce. In the premiere episode Joyce's sister, Charlene shows up on their doorstep with the intentions of moving in...and does. Charlene had been living on an Indian reservation and had adopted the name "Walking Stick". Guest star, Captain Foxx (as the Johansen's aimless son Albert) added to the mayhem. Season 1 was managed by Saul Bandersnatch.

FINALE: Pilaf finally told Joyce how he felt and was rejected, and a massive fight for Kate's affections between Charlie, Albert and "the new guy in town" (Sven Thorpe) ended in Albert almost dying, and Kate was on the verge of choosing. Will her decision be made in Season 2? Producers reveal that Season 2 will take on a whole new feel and many new cast members as we follow Albert and his dream of finishing college. Join us for Season 2: The College Years only on pHTV.


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