pHreedom pHalls is the collaboration of every member of pH asking for specific things in a brand new show. What came of that was the show you see up now on Friday nights. A show where actors can stretch their acting chops by embodying not only one, but TWO characters for an eight-week run. Also a show that is still very interactive, as is the pH mission.

The show starts as soon as you buy your ticket. Once you enter the soundstage you are a part of the taping of pHreedom pHalls. You will see a Stage Manager walking around checking sound cues, light cues. When the taping is about to begin the Stage Manager will explain the whole process of the show to you and get a suggestion for an episode name, a big event and then someone in the audience gives us a prop to use somehow throughout the show. The Stage Manager then gives the cue for the show to start and we see the opening montage and introduction of cast. We then begin our taping...the actors will explore your suggestions for about 10 minutes and then the Stage Manager will call cut. We are then treated to the behind-the-scenes- look at how a sitcom is made and how all the actors really feel about each other. Its a unique insight.

The show goes on like that with snippets from the actors private lives and of course the taping of the show.

pHreedom pHalls, it's a darn nice place to live...and watch.


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